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Austin Production Services - Your Creative Ally 


From start to finish, we help our clients craft visual stories to drive results and complement your brand. We do what it takes to execute your project flawlessly. At the start of every project, we'll discuss concepts and requirements based on your specific needs and offer project-based services.


Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with Fortune Teller.


Pre-Production Services:


We make all the necessary preparations for your shoot, including conceptualization, planning, and logistics.


●      Initial Project Consulting

●      Casting Solutions

●      Location Scouting

●      Location Permitting

●      Local Crew Sourcing

●      Production Insurance

●      Project Budgeting

●      Studio Sourcing & Rentals

●      Location Sourcing

●      Art Direction & Design 

●      Creative Direction 


Production Services:


Creating the video content involves shooting and managing the logistics on set.


●      Ground Logistics

●      Crew Payments & Management

●      Payroll Processing

●      Production Management

●      Equipment Sourcing

●      On-Site Coordination & Shoot Management

●      Local Fabrication


We Make it Look Easy


Let us coordinate your next project to ensure every detail falls into place. If you’re looking for a 

production service company in Austin, please send us a message

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